Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with website hosting

Initial set up of website with existing content or sample content.

Set up of email accounts.

Provision of help guides and videos.

Support during weekday business hours (from NZ)

Ongoing theme development, WordPress and plugins upgrade.

What’s excluded

Website domain name registration

Content update (unless fully managed plan elected). 
We can provide this service for you at an hourly rate or recommend copy writers to you.

Site customisation
See below for options.

Configuration of add ons / plugins (compatibility testing and installation is free of charge).

Site Optimisation (unless fully managed plan elected). 

Can you provide me with personal training?

We can provide training via phone/web conference (NZT business hours) customised to your needs. Please contact our Support Team advising us what areas you would like to cover. We will than provide you with a quote.

Initial training is included in website setup charge.

Can I have FTP access to my website to make styling changes?

FTP access is not available for our hosted websites. This is so that when we perform upgrades (as we do at least 3-4 times per annum) we are not delayed spending time working what files you have altered and what code within each file has been altered. This makes for more efficient support knowing that each of our users has a common core platform.

However, we provide a CSS module for users (or your developer of choice) to make styling changes.

With our included visual page builder and landing pages (a blank canvas) you can break out from an off the shelf design and create your own look.

I require styling changes to be made to my website but I am not skilled in this – can you do this for me?

Sure – just contact our Support Team providing details of what changes you require to be made and we will provide you with a quote. You are also welcome to engage another developer of your choice as they can make changes through the Custom CSS module.

We recommend that you do not give out your admin login to a 3rd party service provider but instead set them up their own login.

I see a new design which I’d like to switch to – can I?

Yes – as there are various options for changeover including set up in a test environment please contact our Web Support Team for a quote.

Will my website suspend if I exceed my data plan limit?

Website data plans (per month) are: 5gb, 10gb, 25gb, 50gb, 75gb and 100gb.

When your website bandwidth usage approaches 80% and again at 95% of the plan limit during the month you will be sent an email notification. We also receive a copy of this email and will calculate as to whether you will need a plan increase or not. If not you will not hear from us. However, if we calculate that you need a higher plan we will automatically upgrade you to the next plan up and will advise you. You can reply requesting the plan limit be reduced back however this will mean that your website will suspend when the limit is reached. Service will automatically be restored on 1st of the following month.

We also provide tools for you to view and track site traffic/bandwidth usage.

My website traffic is seasonal. Can I request upgrade/downgrade of data plan during the year?

Sure. Just contact our Web Support Team requesting the change which will take affect from next calendar month and invoice issue.

I want to host my website elsewhere. Can I take the website design with me?

No – our websites are a leased solution and we retain ownership of the design and a number of required plugins. In compensation we keep our setup costs low.

However, we can provide you with a backup of all content which you can then restore to any other WordPress hosted environment.


I like your designs but want to host my website elsewhere – can I purchase a design from you?

No – as above. However, we are sure you would find similar designs to suit you through WordPress theme websites.

Is a security certificate required?

No, however adding a security certificate and setting your purchase and form pages to https gives your buying public confidence and can improve your Google ranking.

A security certificate can be added for a small monthly charge. Please contact our Support Team for details.

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