Website Support & Update

To keep our website hosting as affordable as possible we provide it on a leased software as a service model (SAAS). Hosting, support, maintenance and ongoing development are all included.


When it comes to website content update we provide options for supported self update or a fully managed service.


Supported Self Update Hosting Plan


With the supported self update hosting plan you manage your website content updates with assistance from us. If, however, at any time you are too busy and/or you wish us to add advanced styling you are welcome to engage us to update content for you (hourly rate applies).


This is our most affordable plan.



Fully Managed Hosting Plan


On the fully managed hosting plan we perform content updates*, site optimisation and provide monthly management reports.


Two options are provided for payment on this plan - fixed price contract or commission on website bookings. The latter option requires a connected Seekom iBex account and conditions apply. Please contact us for details if this is of interest to you.


* Includes 1.5 hours content update per month on fixed price contract. Unused time rolls over up to a maximum of 12 months. Extra time may be purchased.


Data Plans


Data plans (per month) are available in the following increments:


  • 10gb
  • 25gb
  • 50gb
  • 75gb
  • 100gb


Most users will find 10gb adequate and if you are unsure we suggest starting with this data plan as it can be easily upgraded if required.


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